by Bryan Kertenian

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fernandobenitez wow, 'old farts' from the 70's and/or 90's take note! this great album mixes folkprog and hippy stylings with a fin de siècle 'modern edge' that is now as retro as the swampy vibes it also evokes.. sounds a lot like Edgar Broughton Band's masterful third lp combined with Rich Robinson's solo stuff, plus a bit of tha grunge, of Zep's heavy drums, Dr. John's voodoo, etc. In short: just what the pearl jams of this world have NEVER achieved :) Favorite track: STAIRCASE BUCKLE.
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Truly a homemade record, this album reveals the heart and mind of a satisfied man and ever-loving music fan. Most of these songs were recorded on 4-track cassette machines in closets, bedrooms and garages, then overdubbed in the digital realm to complete this strange collection of music influenced by the mighty Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, John Coltrane, Lawrence Welk, Howlin' Wolf, Soundgarden, The Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Will Smith aka The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The Damned, Bert Jansch and Pentangle, did I mention Led Zeppelin? Joni Mitchell, Robert Johnson, various Classical, Jazz and World Music greats, the sounds of nature, the idea of freedom, Jesus, mermaids and the Beatles. The list goes on into an endless spiral of music and beyond! Please enjoy, and let me publicly thank and praise Bill Sanke for graciously and magically turning unlistenable sounds into a record that I am most proud of.




released January 25, 2015

Written, Recorded, Produced and Performed by Bryan Kertenian

Mixed, Mastered, brought to life by gentle force Bill Sanke

Mentor, Guide and keys player on tracks 5, 10, 14 Jeff Martin

Bass of Excellence tracks 3, 11 and "piss the snow" lyric- track 3 Corey McCormick

Soaring Guitar Wizardry- track 9 and Bass Cohesionar- track 12
Davin Givhan

Proprietor of Ancient Wisdom track- 1 Noah Harmon

Special Thanks to Brad Colerick, Matthew Hurtgen and Ara Abrahamian

Ani, Kris, Mark Kertenian and The Good Lord- love and support beyond measure



all rights reserved


Bryan Kertenian Pasadena, California

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My Life Is Great

Ah, Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, my name's uh-

Sighted Apple Washington.

I'm the happiest musician, slash man, alive.

And uh, I wrote-ah this song- it's about my life- I think people like you need to

hear about it. It might help you, inspire you, and oh, just lift you up a little bit.

Here it goes, a little somethin' like this.

"My life is great… I can't complain… That's why this song is over!"


Written by: Bryan Kertenian

I met a girl that I knew before…Doors had opened.

She gave me love and I gave her more…Doors had closed.

I've seen her face in the rain.

She walks around in everyone…Doors had opened.

Feels so good. Know I would.

From thy sunlight falling down. In my eyes , a golden crown.

You and me have no end. In my mind it's over now.

Doors had opened.

Feels so good. Know I would.

I met a dog who lived on the sun…Doors had opened.

She ran around, burning everyone…Doors had closed.

In space it's plain- Fire is trained.

Look in a river and you'll know it's true.

Doors had opened.

Written by: Bryan Kertenian
Forward Thinking Man

I told my feet we had to fight, I kept my body moving in the night-

Lord knows how long I'm bound to stay alive.

I beat my lungs to heat the cold, drove the flies so I won't get old-

Spirit in a train, rolling to the sun.

I want to go, I need to go

Mother Compass on my left, Father Shield upon my right.

I learned to read by firefly, worked my hands in a moonlit sky,

escaped shadows who tried to tie me down.

I kept the flame from growing low, drank from a river and I pissed the snow,

Holding on a wing from the other side.

I want to go, I need to go

Written by: Bryan Kertenian
Ani In Open Sea

Tears have fallen on the ground, Ocean puddles draw you down,

Ani, you make a wholesome sound when you get it right, when you get it wrong.

Test the balance in your hand, blind you are yet in command,

the suns will make another god of you, better in this life than the next one.

Oh- Ani, I know you're right. The fall will never take you.

Fear of death and being found, drop my bones to wear the crown,

release the hidden part of you til' you get it right and they call you home.

Pomegranate on your tongue, takes you back- where you come from,

in the Ocean and the Sky above, I belong to you…you belong to love.

Oh- Ani, I know you're right. The fall will never take you.

Ani, your feet are made of gold.

The fall will never take you.

Written by: Bryan Kertenian
Track Name: LIVIN' A DREAM
Livin' A Dream

I made a livin' slangin' a poison, mixin' it up and turn it into boysen-

bury in an open field.. Livin' a dream(3x)

I found myself livin' in a hamburger- turnin' it up and dishin' out my anger.

Livin' on the Ocean floor, where the animals are vigorous, carnivorous

and openly vociferous… Livin' a dream(4x)

I tried walkin' on the surface of the sun,

where the girls are made of fire and the lovin' is fun...

Livin' a dream, livin' a dream…

Now, I'm cookin' while I'm bookin' and my B-boy rhymes

are still Wookie-in'.

Written by: Bryan Kertenian
Track Name: SELKET

All have fallen in your room.

Take me over, fill my lungs, lay me down on my head

'cause it isn't the first time I've dealt with a lack of breath.

I'm living on a holy ground with a memory delivering through the sound.

You've wasted your poison… Let my eardrums go.

Lay me down once again.

Electricity's pulling on the back of my right-head.

Digging like a mole in a holy ground and a diamond eye found laying around-

doesn't cry but I find- there's a time in the night when it glows.

Lay it down on it's head.

Call to the Woman that can save you when you're dead.

When you're dead…

Selket, you raise the dead, then you bring the pain.

Selket, you raise the dead. Send them back again.

Written by: Bryan Kertenian
Words Confuse And Deny

Words confuse and deny.

All the letters in the world can't reveal my mind.

I've seen myself among the fallen angels,

just to leave and let them crawl behind.

Ocean tide and distant light, far from anyone you know

draws the breath of life. I've run so far, I've become one with fire

and I long for return to the sun.

It's straight ahead. It's straight ahead.

Fill your hands, control your eye.

Wash your feathers in the light, dry them on the ground.

The day when Man had learned of ebb and flowing-

took the moon and set it in the sky.

It's straight ahead. It's straight ahead.

It's straight ahead.

Written by: Bryan Kertenian
Rockabilly Mid-East Jam

Mama - show me how to brush my teeth, comb my hair

fluff and fold my underwear, make a sandwich in no-time.

Daddy - give a piggyback ride to Timbuktu

got any fears about what to do? Keep my toes upon the line.

Brother - baseball cards and bubble gum

You're like a baby with a gun, whose diaper's caught on fire.

Woman - Shake-ah your fruit-ah make-ah lemonade

spank-a-the-monkey and he'll be your slave.

Jigglin' on my mind.


Written by: Bryan Kertenian
Damned If I Devolve

I woke up laying on the side of the road, but I'm alright.

My shoes were hanging on the telephone wire, but I'm ok.

Look and smell like a zombie.

Gotta find some pants and filthify my hands

at the Subatomic Space Rocket Factory.

Run run run run…Away away away away (4x)

Women and children staring through my skull like I'm a holy man.

Got my brain tested at the laboratory, turns out I'm an alien.

Don't buy products from thespians.

Werewolf, Shatterproof, Scatterbrain, Chicken Change, Seerriooou!

Run run run run…Away away away away (4x)

I'm the one that's gotta die when it's time for me to die,

so let me live my life the way I want to.

Swim on, Fish…Chew on, Gum.

Written by: Bryan Kertenian
Holy Rollers

From your mind given to the ground

For the Spy sleeping on a cloud

Of doubt

Cut all the trees in the forrest and the reasons why

Breathing on a land mine with my silver eye


Holy rollers commit to the sky

I know I'm young and I'll never die

The road I had chosen had covered my eyes

I set my clock ten past military time

Holy rollers, come down from on high

How far you fall from your satellite

The world you have stolen will cover your eye

Come lay your head in the never ending night

Written by: Bryan Kertenian
Seashell Starlight

Seashell Starlight, too much to take for one eye-

you forgive the sun for penetrating through your mind.

When you've reached the threshold of day

and there's nothing left to say,

you'll remember when you were nothing at all.


Ocean Star-child, the moon that takes the sun's smile-

you forgive the one for penetrating through your mind.

When you've reached the morning of day

and there's nothing left to say,

you'll remember when you were nothing at all.


Written by: Bryan Kertenian
Staircase Buckle

Thinking on words you said, caused the leaves to fall again.

Thinking on everything, caused the leaves to fall.

And, if you wake tomorrow, I know you'll know.

And, if you're feeling sorrow, Life comes Life goes.

I know you'll know.

Turning from green to red caused the leaves to fall again.

Wishing on grains of sand, Human Beings - they fall.

From the Earth moving slowly, I know you'll know.

Through the air down below, time flies, time flows

I know you'll know.

In the wind whispering all the names you've known before-

alive beyond inside me when the leaves- they fall.

Written by: Bryan Kertenian
Golden Arrow

I know that you call my name.

When the leaves have fallen, I'll come again.

Open your eyes. Open your drowning eyes and…..


Time flows through the evening glow.

Like a golden arrow, I let it go.

Written by: Bryan Kertenian